This is the website for the old version of the app is no longer for sale or supported, but we do have a new 2013 edition for sale in many places with full details below.

Click here to visit the website for the new version and see all the new features & improvements that have been made

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Where is the app on Google Play?

The ORIGINAL version of the app is no longer available for purchase. (Click here for details on how to get the new 2013 edition) The original app no longer being available on Google Play is not our choice, but Google’s, over a simple yet non-legal issue. We have lodged appeals but they will not overturn their decision and this has resulted in us NOT being able to update nor sell the original version on Google Play. If you purchased on Google Play and still wish to download the last version of the app that was available please follow the instructions given in the FAQ below. Please note: we cannot release updates or sell the last version of the original app on Google Play. Version 3.6.2 is the final version that was published on Google Play and available for download at no extra charge providing you purchased it via Google Play prior to June 2012. (See FAQ below)

How can I download my previous purchase / upgrade to the last available version.

Please see this FAQ written by Google explaining this

Can I import the data from the old app into the new app?

Yes you can - please see this FAQ for the new app. Click here to view

How long will the features in the original version of the app continue to work for

  At the end of June 2013 support fot the old version will end. The ability to submit barcodes will also cease during February 2013 and the ability to use online database & barcode scanner will end in April 2013. All other aspects of the app should continue to work to function as long as it remains compatible with the Android operating system you are running. (Please Note: It has not been tested or designed to work past version 2.3 and may be filtered out for download on newer devices)

I purchased on Google Play , how do I get updates?

  As Google will no longer allow us to publish and distribute the ORIGINAL app on Google Play (see previous FAQ) we are unable to serve updates via it. There is a brand new 2013 edition of the app (see above) that is available to purchase from many places. Please do not contact us regarding getting updates, as explained this is not possible and we will not be responding to messages requesting updates.

What is in the new app and where can I purchase it

The 2013 edition includes enhancements for the latest Android phones and tablets available, along with UI and database optimizations to help you with your weight loss journey and will be continually updated with the latest plan features and updates needed to stay compatible with the latest versions of the Android operating system.
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